Becoming a Sponsor

The Broncobots could not be a team without all the help we receive from our sponsors. Whether it be monetary donations, discounts, or free parts or manufacturing, the Broncobots appreciate everything our sponsors do for us. Becoming a sponsor for the Broncobots is very simple. Just email with subject line "Becoming a Sponsor" and explain your business, who you are, and what you would like to do to help our team. Our team is also available to do sponsor presentations to provide more information about how sponsoring our team can benefit your business and what our program is about. We can also schedule a build site tour to allow you to see directly where you sponsorship is going.

Benefits of sponsoring us include:

  • All sponsors get all benefits, no matter the donation
  • Sponsorship goes to a good cause
  • Your company logo will be featured on our robot
  • Your company logo, description, and website will be featured on our current sponsor page
  • For more information, take a look at our Donation Brochure
  • 5% of all donations to the Team Educational Foundation Firm go towards a scholorship to help graduating seniors