Getting Involved

Get to Know FIRST

Sign up for the FIRST mailing list through the FIRST Press Room. Key FRC informational material is kept on this page. For more specific information, go to

Get Your Company Involved

By becoming a sponsor for a team or even or by becoming a supplier, you can learn first-hand how the FIRST program changes the lives of all involved. Visit the FIRST web page, to find events and teams in your area. Materials are available to decide at what level your organization can participate.

Mentor a Team

By mentoring a team, you will work with high school students to learn the design and build process. Organization, team-building, and business models are all aspects of FIRST, and mentors are needed on many different levels.

Get to Know Your FIRST Community

Volunteering for a local event is one of the best ways to meet FIRST participants in your area. Volunteers are crucial for FIRST success, and you can learn more and sign up at VIMS.

For a list of teams local to the Kansas City area, go to our Local Teams page.