January 08, 2019 / by JJ Keen

Broncobots Kickoff, Destination : DEEP SPACE

It’s kickoff time! FIRST has unveiled their new game, Destination : Deep Space.

This means new challenges, new opportunities, and new ideas. We started this year with our annual pancake breakfast at Lee’s Summit North High School. During the Pancake Breakfast, the Broadcast from FIRST was live streamed in the Performing Arts Center. This is where we learned the details for our new game.

After the breakfast, the Broncobots cleaned up the area, and brainstormed 11am to 5pm about the new game. We set the ground rules, and the Broncobots were off on what our robot should do. On Day one, we decided the “what” parts of our robot. We brainstormed everything a team could do to be successful and used these ideas to develop a definition of what our robot should be able to do. Our day one took note of every idea that our robot should be able to accomplish. We took any design ideas to the next day for further discussion

Day Two “blasted off” into the gritty details of what the Broncobot robot should accomplish. We had three different robot design groups, and one group dedicated to game strategy. This group would ultimately decide a critical role in our gameplay of Deep Space, as well as a definite design decision that would affect the other design teams. The other three groups brainstorming their design ideas for climbing strategies, hatch panel placement, and cargo storage, as well as the design decision of the starting platform. After about three hours of discussion, each design sub-team presented their ideas to the entire team and made robot design decisions. We took these ideas into the shop.

This year’s kickoff has been very fun starting with a successful pancake breakfast and blasting us off ready to tackle Destination: Deep Space. Weekly Updates will be made to our website recapping our season, so check back here for Videos Posts and Pictures!