Our Team Identity

Branding is a vital and crucial part of Team 1987. Below you can find our standards in branding.


Our team offers three usable logos.

We offer a scalable svg file, used when possible.


In addition we provide a high resolution logo. Used whenever svg is not a viable option and it is expected to be enlarged or seen at a large scale.


Completing the set we have the original Broncobots logo. In its original quality, to be used when the logo is smaller scaled or when the only feasable option.



Our team colors are Maroon, Black, and Gray. We determine which color is used based off of availability and choice of the creator.



We use Rockwell as our team font. Used in all logos, when available.


"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."

When Rockwell is not available there is no offical backup font however Roboto is typically used next.