2023 Robot


Used object detection to automatically collect and score game pieces

Two time regional winners (and CowTown Throwdown)

Used a 3 stage telescoping arm


  • 4 MK4i Swerve Drive Modules
  • Arm has robust aluminum hub shafts and bearings, rotated by 2 Falcon 500s with 139.5:1 reduction.
  • Telescoping arm made of 4x4, 3x3, and 2x2 inch tubes for extended range.
  • Wrist mechanism has BAG motor, 150:1 reduction versaPlanetary gearbox, and belt to reduce shock/loads.
  • Collects Cones and Cubes using 8 poly belts and 4 rollers made of 2" compliant wheels.
  • Claw features 2.5" 3D printed poly belt rollers.
  • Rotation and extension movements controlled by separate, synchronized, closed loop trapezoidal motion profiles.


  • Collect, handle, and score Cones and Cubes.
  • Arm rotates 240° and extends up to 42 inches.
  • Claw detects game piece collection with NEO 550 current sensing and remembers if it's a cone or cube.
  • Two outward-facing Limelight™ 4's find Game Pieces and Scoring locations during Autonomous for Auto Aligning.
  • Co-driver can set scoring height with three buttons for single-button scoring.
  • Driver can reset gyro while driving for easy field orientation with single button press.


  • Heartland Regional
  • Hosted and Participated in Greater Kansas City Regional
  • World Championship
  • Indiana Robotics Invitational
  • CowTown ThrowDown

Score Data

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