2024 Robot


Two-time Innovation in Control winners

Shooter wrist 120-degree herringbone rack motion

Dual Photon vision and Limelight image processing


  • MK4i L3 Swerve Drive with Kraken Drive Motors enables 18.9ft/s speed.
  • Differential shooter speeds cause Note spin for improved shooting stability.
  • 120-degree wrist range with herringbone rack and pinion prevents backlash.
  • Two-stage belt-in-tube elevator with Kevlar-reinforced belt.
  • Elevator carriage reaches a max height in 0.5 seconds.
  • Elevator lifts robot at end-of-match in 0.87 seconds.
  • Intake uses independent Falcon 500 motors for belt-driven rollers.
  • Magnetic encoders and CANCoders measure the swerve module steering position.
  • Orange Pi 5+ processors for AprilTag and object detection in conjunction with two Limelight 3G’s.
  • Photon vision is used for faster and fluid Note detection, while the Limelight 3G’s are used for accurate Apriltag detection.


  • Shoots through the elevator with low launch height for consistency.
  • Feeder holds Note prepared to shoot, allowing Trap scoring.
  • The elevator's constant force spring ensures the carriage rises first.
  • Climber hooks extend for driving into the chain directly.
  • Stabilizer wheels align the Trap scoring location and prevent tipping.
  • Under-bumper intake prevents damage during collisions.
  • Closed-loop control for swerve velocity and position using TalonFX.
  • Autonomous uses Path Planner for motion profiling and odometry fusion.
  • Extensive driver controls for simplified automation and efficient scoring.


  • Central Missouri Regional
  • Heartland Regional
  • Hosting and Participating in Greater Kansas City Regional

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